Covid-19 Important Notice

Valued Eastern Slopes Vet Services Clients




Our goal is to balance the personal safety of both our clients and our staff while meeting the needs of your pets and other animals. As such, we are putting into place the following preventative measures: 


  1. All NON-ESSENTIAL APPOINTMENTS will be postponed and booked for a later date. This includes vaccine appointment (excluding puppy and kitten vaccines) and spay/neuter surgeries, and dental surgeries.
  3. We will limit the number of people in the front waiting room to two clients at a time, and only one person in an exam room at a time.
  5. We offer over the phone payment, and we can deliver the food or medications to you in your vehicle.   Please consider this especially if you are in quarantine for any reason.
  6. WE HAVE LOTS OF FOOD AND MEDICATION! Our suppliers have assured us that they have lots of stock, and due to some panic buying, they are also limiting each clinics orders. We have set a limit of two months’ supply when re-ordering medications for chronic conditions. We will also limit food to a two month supply.


  1. We will not accept cash payment for the time being. We can use point-of-sale or we can take your credit card over the phone.


If you are a senior, in self isolation or quarantine please contact the clinic to discuss details of delivery options available for pet food and prescriptions.


IF there is ANYTHING that would help you during this uncertain time, please ask and know that we will do our best to serve your needs. 


Thanks, and together we will weather this uncertain path with perseverance, grace and a dash of humor!!




Laurie, Kari and Courtney (Our front line staff – in the trenches!)

Candace, Nicole, Tara and Kate (Our hard working masters of all trades technicians!)

Ingrid, Jordan, Amelia and Bruce (The vets doing their best to keep it all together!)